We Have Officially Launched!

We Have Officially Launched!

I'm excited to share my journey with all of you on how Cassius Eco Fashion came about, but first I think it's important to learn who I am. For the past 15 years, I have made a good portion of my living as a shoe fit model in NYC. Walking into an agency interview many moons ago in hopes of becoming an actress/model, I was asked what my shoe size was. When I responded that I was a 6B, the agent's eyes lit up. He asked if I knew how to walk. "Walk?" I quipped back. "Yes, he responded, like on a runway". I tried to act confident and responded with a resounding YES. The truth of the matter was, I had never been on a runway before. In my defense, standing at 5'5, I was never tall enough to even be considered for those jobs. It appeared my one word answer was good enough for the agent and he sent me on a casting the very next day. Every inch of my feet and legs were measured and I was deemed to have the so called "perfect feet." This came as a surprise to me, as I had never considered myself perfect for anything. And so it began. My career in shoes.

When I was little, I imagined growing up and becoming a meteorologist or a journalist and then there was my obsession with the The Radio City Rockettes, but again the height factor quickly dampened that idea. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought my feet could make me money. They afforded me a steady income and perks like traveling and free shoes. I met alot of people along the way and most of the other models looked at shoe modeling as just a gig, something to pass time until they "made it big" in the industry. I had always loved fashion, but I fell in love with shoes on my jobs, at the shows, in the meetings. I listened closely to every word the designers would speak and when I didn't know a shoe term, I would look it up. You see, I had to be more than a model, I had to have an opinion and most importantly I had to understand shoes. The customers were relying on my feedback to get the prototype just right before it would ever end up on the store shelves. It was in those hours and days and months and years, I learned all there was about shoes and I am still learning. I learned what makes a good fit vs. a bad fit. I learned what customers like and don't, and most importantly I learned that when you are passionate about something you can turn that passion into a business and just like that  Cassius Eco Fashion was born.

This journey is not about me though, it's about you, the customer, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the brand. I'm always looking to improve and have an open dialogue with you, the customer. This blog will serve as a two way street to interact with one another and become part of a community. I've always said, "When your shoes fit good, you feel good" and I want everyone to feel their very best!

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